Buy a Block:

Build Together.

When we Journey to Mexico we join with each other and with our friends in Garcia to build together.
We Build Houses (How to Build a Home). We Build Relationships. We Build Hope.

1 Block

1 Step Closer to Home

You are a vital part of our trip. Even if you cannot make the walk across the border with us, you are still a member of our team. 

All of us have gifts to give, whether those are gifts of donations, time, or prayers. There are many ways to share your gifts on this trip. One Of those ways is to buy a block.

Buying a block for $10 helps cover the cost of materials for building a house. Whether your block buys a cinder block or part of a front door your block brings us one step closer to making a home (how to build a home). 

We cannot make this journey without you, and we are grateful that you are along for the ride. 


More Than Just a Trip.

The First Presbyterian Church of Marietta's High School Youth first went to Mexico in the 1980's. Since then, we have been able to continue visiting and working alongside our friends in ministry in Monterrey (currently building outside of  Garcia). This trip really feels more like a family reunion than a mission trip because of these decades-long relationships. 

Over the years, we have built over 200 houses and alongside Casa Samuel we have helped create a community center and a medical clinic. 

This year, we will build two houses and help establish a bakery.

Our goal for the trip is always to grow closer to each other, to our friends in Mexico, and to God. We have a lot to learn from each other, and we are always excited to share our stories when we get back home. 


Growing Together.


Laughing Together.


Building Together.


Serving Together.


Lifelong Impact

Alumni: Connect with us. We want to hear your stories.